Gum Inflammation Around Implants

Gum Inflammation Around Implants

Getting dental implants provided by Personal Choice Dental in Old Bridge, serving Parlin, NJ, can have complications just like any surgical procedure. For instance, inflammation and gum disease may develop around gums and cause a variety of complications. Thankfully, treatment is available for this common issue.

Peri-Implant Diseases May Cause Inflammation

Implants may trigger a variety of different health problems with your gums. These issues are called peri-implant diseases and could occur even with proper implant installation. They require specialized care methods. For example, peri-implant mucositis causes gum inflammation near and around the soft tissues holding the implant in the jaw. However, this inflammation doesn't cause bone loss and may be reversed with a few simple treatments.

Unfortunately, this problem may also develop into peri-implantitis. This disease includes a wide range of inflammation on not just the soft tissues but the bone around the implant. This problem often requires surgery to handle correctly. Your dentists in Old Bridge, serving Parlin, NJ, can provide dental implants and treatment for any complications to minimize this issue before it worsens.

Care Methods to Consider

If your gums swell, and you experience any pain, it is essential to reach out to your dental professional right away to get help. In most cases, your dentist will suggest you wait at least two weeks before treatment. Most swelling will go down during this time. However, if your swelling is still present or worse after two weeks, dental care may help you.

Treatment includes a full-mouth x-ray that helps to check for the extent of the inflammation. Your dentist will also talk to you about your symptoms, using this information to gauge what kind of treatment may be necessary. Some antibiotics may help reduce swelling if infections are present. Cleaning away infected areas around the implant may also help.

Surgery may be necessary if the bone around the implant is affected. Scaling helps to remove diseased gum tissue, plaque, tartar, or any other affected areas. Repairs to the bone may also be necessary, depending on the severity of your swelling. Your dentist may need to check the implant site to ensure it is properly installed and stable in the jaw.

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At Personal Choice Dental in Old Bridge, serving Parlin, NJ, we can provide dental implants and inflammation treatment that works for your needs. Our team of professionals is ready to work with you. Please call (732) 727-1211 to learn more about your options.

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