How Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Smile

How Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Smile

Whether you have a smile gap or wear an older dental prosthetic, Personal Choice Dental can improve your smile with a new dental bridge. Experts in everything from maxillofacial surgery to root canals to Invisalign aligners, Drs. Vitale, Band, Nash, and Yoo set the gold standard for oral health care in Old Bridge, NJ.

Fill that gap

Although tooth loss is unfortunate, you can enjoy a healthy, complete smile again. A dental bridge composed of lifelike artificial teeth is practically indistinguishable in appearance from your natural teeth. Being fixed, bridges do not require messy adhesives and denture soaks. Plus, this custom-made appliance restores your ability to eat properly and to smile confidently.

Bridges attach to adjoining natural teeth on either side of the gap with porcelain crowns. The more teeth you replace, the more abutment teeth you require. In some cases, your dentist at Personal Choice Dental chooses a cantilevered bridge that is supported on a single side only. A Maryland bridge is bonded to the tongue-side of adjacent natural teeth.

An option that benefits many of our qualified patients is the implant-supported bridge. Stable and fully integrated into the jaw, this appliance is anchored by titanium implants. Besides restoring oral function and smile appearance, an implant-support bridge reinforces the supporting bone, a long-term benefit afforded by no other dental bridge.

At your in-office consultation with Dr. Anthony Vitale, Dr. Jeffrey Band, Dr. Elliot Nash, or Dr. Jin Yoo, you'll receive a complete exam and digital imaging. Oral impressions and other diagnostic details help your dentist arrive at tooth replacement options right for you.

Caring for dental bridges

News Medical Life Sciences reports that today's dental bridges are better than ever; however, they are not as durable as your natural teeth. So, take extra-special care of them, and avoid hard, sticky food choices. Brush twice every day, and floss between your real teeth and under the bridge. See your dentist at Personal Choice Dental for a cleaning and exam twice a year.

It's your smile

Complete it with a dental bridge. To know more, phone our Old Bridge, NJ, office. The Personal Choice Dental team offers a wonderful array of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures--everything from Invisalign to white fillings to periodontal disease treatments. Call Dr. Vitale, Dr. Band, Dr. Nash, or Dr. Yoo today: (732) 727-1211.

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